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Written by Nigel Kettle


At Kettle Media Concepts, we are constantly asked about recording high-quality Zoom meetings for use in videos.  This article addresses this issue.  Note that Zoom is continuously upgrading its platform, so this may be outdated information at some point, but as of today, 08/08/2021, this is valid.

Videos recorded via zoom, whether locally on your computer or on Zoom’s cloud server, sucks. The quality is poor.  When you record a single-window/participant in Zoom, it records it at 640x320.  This sucks for HD.  When recording two or more participants, zoom records it at 1280x720 (720p).  This still sucks if you just want to feature one participant.


Here are some options to consider.



Vimeo now features a screen-recording plugin for your browser.  It works great, but the recording quality could be a little better.  However, it records at 1920x1080.  It is a good option for recording Zoom meetings.  The quality is about 7 out of 10.  It is very easy to use.  This will work for most videos, even TV shows.   THIS IS MY PREFERRED OPTION if you want something simple and easy to use.



If you are using a Mac computer, one excellent option is recording via QuickTime’s built-in video recorder.  It does a great job. You can record in 4K or standard HD.  Hands down, this is a great option.  However, It is a pain to use, and many people have audio issues because they can’t figure out the correct audio preference settings.   This should be tested ahead of your recording time.  Please don’t skip this test, or most likely, you will regret it.



Third-party screen recording software like Snagit(for PCs) works well also.  Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac works very well. But both of these options are paid software.  They are not the most user-friendly.



Recording yourself on a cell phone is a great option.  Most younger folks are experts at this, older people…, not so much.  I recommend sending them a ring light that has adjustable luminance settings and a phone holder.  If needed, you may also want to send them a microphone they can connect to their phones.  Have them do a test recording and assess the audio quality before you send them a mic.  Movo wireless lavalier is an excellent option.  It plugs right into iPhones.  For Samsung Galaxy, the BOYA Wireless Lavalier is a great option. 


Self-shooting via phone will give you the best results.  For high quality, this is the BEST OPTION. 


You can still call in via Zoom to interview the person while they record themselves on their phone.


I hope you find this helpful.  Drop us an email at

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