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Specializes in: Video Editing, Color Grading, Audio Mixing,

Closed Caption & Video Branding 

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Post Production

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Tired of dealing with 3 or 4 different companies for one video! 

Wish you could get it all done in one place? Look no further.

Video Production

Dialogue Replacement & Voiceover Recording
in over 25 languages


Upconvert Your Old Tapes to Digital HD
We still maintain our old format decks

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  • Creative Editing

  • Color Grading & Finishing 

  • Avid & Premiere edit suites rental

  • Mixing and Sound Design

  • Voice-over recording/Dubbing

  • DCP, BluRay & DVD Creation 

  • HD Up/Down/Cross Conversions

  • Closed Caption & Subtitling

  • Free Video  & TechConsultation 

  • Dubbing for Foreign films/TV shows

  • eLearning Language Replacement


Transcription Services
We offer transcription in the following languages:

  • English Transcription

  • Spanish Transcription

  • French Transcription

  • Arabic Transcription

  • Italian Transcription

  • Chineses Transcription

  • German Transcription

  • Hindi Transcription

  • Korean Transcription

  • Russian Transcription

  • Portuguese Transcription

  • Hindi Transcription

  • Gujarati Transcription

Subtitling Services
We offer subtitling in the following languages:

  • English Subtitling & Captioning

  • Arabic Subtitling

  • Chinese Subtitling

  • French Subtitling

  • German Subtitling

  • Hindi Subtitling

  • Italian Subtitling

  • Korean Subtitling

  • Portuguese Subtitling

  • Russian Subtitling

  • Spanish Subtitling

Dialogue Replacement
& Voiceover Recording

We provide voiceover for Dialogue Replacements in the following languages:

  • English Voiceover 

  • Spanish Voiceover 

  • French Voiceover 

  • Chinese Voiceover 

  • Korean Voiceover 

  • Japanese Voiceover 

  • Urdu Voiceover 

  • Gujarati Voiceover 

  • Hindi Voiceover 

  • Haitian Creole Voiceover 

  • Portuguese Voiceover 

  • Albanian Voiceover 

  • Arabic Voiceover 

  • German Voiceover 

  • Vietnamese Voiceover 

  • And many more 

Convert old tape to a digital format.

We capture from the following formats:

  • Beta SP

  • Digi Beta

  • D2

  • 3/4 inch

  • DV/DVcam

  • DVCpro

  • One Inch

  • VHS

  • HDcam

  • DVCpro HD

  • HDV

  • and More

Video Engineering

  • Setup & Install Edit Systems

  • Upgrade Edit Systems

  • Troubleshoot & Fix Systems

  • Free Consultation

Creative Development

& Production

  • Video Concept Development

  • Video Shooting/Video crews

  • Video Branding

  • Live Events Video Coverage 

  • Corporate Video Concepts

  • Promotional Video Concept Creation

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Kettle Media Concepts is a full-service media company. We help with everything from conception to completion. We are your one-stop production and post-production facility.


We offer free one-on-one technical support to everyone, whether you are a client, potential client, or working with a competitor.  We are all about building relationships. All of our clients are referred by other clients and video creators we've helped along the way.


We treat every client as our only client.  We make sure our clients feel special, no matter how big or small their job may be. In turn, we are treated special too. And frankly, we love feeling special!

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Tel: 212-689-7678

115 East 39th Street

Suite # 7

New York, NY 10016

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